Suck Dude!


All About Suck Dude

Suck Dude is an experimental adult digital art shock site that depicts a man sucking his own penis. The subject is hunched over, pushing his penis into his mouth and in doing so performing auto-fellatio. The black and white clip is accompanied by backing music with the lyrics "now you're a man". Although amusing to some, the piece has a far deeper meaning that becomes apparent on closer inspection. For one, the viewer should consider the iconicity of the figurative-narrative repetitive line-spacing, which subtly notates the substructure of critical thinking. It's difficult to enter into this work because of how the metaphorical resonance from prior time periods plays out to the viewer, in simpler terms, the devious simplicity of the work forces participation in a critical dialogue of the 90s - masculinity. Other adult art works that may be of interest to the more discerning viewer include Octopus Girl and 1 Man 2 Needles. Share this site with your friends!

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